Franklin Forest Camping

Our Easter weekend started on Friday with a wonderful trip to Franklin State Forest in Sherwood Tennessee. (I really want to call it Sherwood Forest, like Winnie the Pooh, but I wasn’t ask to name it, so… any way. )

We went on Friday afternoon to camp near the ranger station. We camp in our horse trailer, my husband converted into a living quarters trailer. I will post pics of this process one day. He did an incredible job, if I do say so.

Once our camp was set up we started our meal prep for the evening, which included box chickens. If you’ve never had box chickens you are missing out. They are cooked with indirect heat from coals on top of the box. Let me know if you would like pics and directions to make your on cooking box. I’d love to share!!

We ended our night with a great bonfire and good conversation.

The next day we road horses for about six hours and had an amazing view.

We left Franklin Forest on Saturday afternoon and we were up by 5am for Sunrise service at church. It was a beautiful, crisp morning and an amazing way to start our day. We had Easter afternoon with friends and family. All in all this was a perfect Southern weekend for the Shelton family.

Can’t wait for our next trip!!

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