Camping at East Fork Stables

Another great camping trip in the books. One of our favorite pastimes is camping and riding our horses. Nothing’s better than time with family, friends and nature. The scenery at East Fork is unforgettable and the memories made are priceless.

This year we went during one of East Fork’s organized events, their annual fun show. After a day of riding, our kids (young adults) decided to enter the fun show. Not sure I’ve ever cheered so hard or laughed so loud. My nephew rides my old penning horse and let me tell you that horse showed up. Can’t say who had more fun or who I’m more proud of my nephew or my horse. 😉 They brought home a few ribbons and amazing memories.

My daughter and nephew entered the pick up race and considering neither them nor the horse has ever tried the event it was a solid performance. Nephew and cousin entered too and came away with first prize. I’d have

to say the highlight of the night was the scoop race. My nephew hung on like a champ, though he had a boot and a mouthful of dirt by the end.

Until our next adventure…

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